Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flashback: November 2011

This must be a record.  Here are our favorite November pictures.  We don't have many, but they're cute.

The kids are well hydrated.  Just have to make sure they remember  to stick with eating the clean snow.

The snow only lasted a few days, but it was fun.

Tyson snuck out of the house with Amy.  Amy got so excited going out the door that she knocked over Tyson.  After face-planting into the brick walkway he came away with a split, swollen lip and a loose tooth.  Luckily, he healed well, even with the 3 or 4 times he hit the same tooth over the next few days.  Poor kid sure did talk funny for a few days.  Amy was so worried she kept following him and trying to lick his face.

First snow!  Okay, so it was just a dusting.  But kids coming from Honolulu aren't picky.

It doesn't take much to get these kids excited.  More snow flakes!


  1. Wow, awesome pictures! Such a change for your kids! How are you feeling Andrea? Hope everything is going well for you! Your due date is in that right?

  2. Love the pics guys! I hope all is well and you are enjoying your new location!

  3. Hey Bolton's! We want to send you a holiday card!!! Will you send us your address so we can get it to ya? Thanks!!! Jenn Gilson