Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flashback: November 2011

This must be a record.  Here are our favorite November pictures.  We don't have many, but they're cute.

The kids are well hydrated.  Just have to make sure they remember  to stick with eating the clean snow.

The snow only lasted a few days, but it was fun.

Tyson snuck out of the house with Amy.  Amy got so excited going out the door that she knocked over Tyson.  After face-planting into the brick walkway he came away with a split, swollen lip and a loose tooth.  Luckily, he healed well, even with the 3 or 4 times he hit the same tooth over the next few days.  Poor kid sure did talk funny for a few days.  Amy was so worried she kept following him and trying to lick his face.

First snow!  Okay, so it was just a dusting.  But kids coming from Honolulu aren't picky.

It doesn't take much to get these kids excited.  More snow flakes!

Flashback: October 2011

I can't remember which pictures we already posted of these, but here are our favorites from October.

One of our first tasks was to find bikes for the kids.

Tyson's does have training wheels, you just can't see them.

Grandma took the kids to paint pottery.  Tyson was so proud of the detail he put into it.  He was very particular about the colors.

Ruby made a Christmas ornament.

I'm pretty sure we already posted this one.  We adopted our dog, Amy, from the shelter and she is a fantastic fit for our family.  Even Ruby, who is generally terrified of everything living, is comfortable with her.

Ruby does the best job throwing the ball for Amy and Tyson just plain smothers her with attention.

Corn maze at the pumpkin patch.

Between us and the grandparents we ended up with 2 wheel barrows full of pumpkins!

We had a Family Home Evening lesson about faith so we used that opportunity to open Ruby's pearl from Hawaii.

Fall leaves.  Kids.  Rakes.  Who can resist.

Carving our Halloween pumpkins.

Making Tyson's pizza costume for Halloween.

I love how simple costumes can be so fun to make and wear.

Flashback: September 2011

These are backwards but I'm not going to take the time to change it so enjoy in reverse.  Here are some of our favorite September pictures.

First full day in Oregon.  The kids are already creating great memories.

Tyson had a harder time with this one.  He did a lot of spitting.

On the plane to a new chapter in our life. We were so grateful he slept some!

They can keep themselves entertained anywhere together.

Some friends let us use their kayak right before we left.

At a friend's house playing Guitar Hero.  The kids loved being rock stars.  The piles in the background are our bags for the plane.

Chinaman's hat

Ruby and Tyson know the Honolulu Zoo as well as they know their own room.  We had a pass and they spent a lot of time there.

They were racing back to us from the playground at the zoo.

We were busy looking to the right for the cheetahs when all of a sudden we looked over and one was looking right at us.  Ruby was slightly startled, as you can tell.

We made sure to get chili loco moco in at Zippy's before leaving the island.

We hadn't been to the Bishop Museum in a really long time, so we did that too before we left.

Tyson insisted on wearing Ruby's too-small Voyager Charter School uniform shirt to match the one she was wearing.

I'm so lucky that Tyson is such a cuddle-bug.  We spent a lot of time doing this while I was so sick.

The kids were practicing with our friend's baby.  I think our baby is going to get LOTS of attention!

Packing and moving can be pretty overwhelming.

Mom's old glasses.  I'm sure he couldn't see worth anything.

Flashback: August 2011

More pictures!  We're now on August.  The pool pictures were really fun because we used Auntie Rachel's underwater camera.  Our kids are fish.  Note: many of these pictures are stolen from other people's cameras.

Dole Plantation train

This is a 'grandparents-in-town-induced coma'.  

Ruby was baptized in August.  She looked like an angel!  It's not hard to look the part when you are one.

Ruby got her own set of fancy scriptures with her name engraved on them  for her birthday.

At the baptism

Love Ruby's smile here.  It makes her look just like the little girl we fell in love with 6 years ago.

I didn't want to miss all the fun.  Since I was on meds that made me sensitive to the sun, I got burnt to a crisp in the shade!  So, I spent most of the time covered up and out of possible sun.

We love how Tyson savors life.  He really lives in the moment and wears his emotions right out for all to see.

Tyson had so much fun jumping in so we could get pictures.  He's a maniac in the water and has to be closely supervised every second.

Kind of creepy in that Nirvana sort of way.

He loved using the snorkel goggles but he thought the snorkel was too much of an inconvenience (probably because it only works if you keep one end in the air).

Ruby did great diving to the 8 foot bottom.  She loved the goggles too.

Waimea Beach

Sanitary or not, Tyson loves to help make waffles.